Monitoring and reporting for the Janet network

Monitoring over 1400 connections for more than 1000 users, providing insight into network status and performance

IMPORTANT: There will be two interruptions to the Netsight service next week as the main system is moving to a new location.

Failover to the BCP system will take place on Tuesday (29th May) and Netsight is expected to be unavailable for 2-4 hours. Failover back to the main system will take place on Thursday (31st) or Friday (1st June) with a similar period of unavailability. Following the move, some round trip time graphs will show a step change in RTT.


Scheduled Netsight Maintenance There will normally be a short outage between 8am and 9am on the first and third Wednesday of every month for scheduled server maintenance. The next maintenance will be on Wednesday 6th June 2018.

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