UHI Monitored Status

Traffic Light Summary

UHI Public 8 up 0 down 0 degraded

UHI Public

This section shows public status measurements, which are visible to all Netsight users. The number of connections corresponds to the connection count shown on the home page status indicator.

Measurement Status Last Change Previous Change
JANET(UK)/Regional Delivery Areas/UHI
Lews Castle College Up Up since 16/09/2018 12:31 BST Degraded from 16/09/2018 12:30 BST
Moray College Up Up since 19/09/2018 12:32 BST Degraded from 19/09/2018 12:31 BST
Orkney College Up Up since 14/09/2018 12:32 BST Degraded from 14/09/2018 12:31 BST
Perth College Up Up since 20/09/2018 12:48 BST Degraded from 20/09/2018 12:47 BST
Sabhal Mor Ostaig Up Up since 14/09/2018 04:11 BST Down from 14/09/2018 04:06 BST
Shetland College Up Up since 15/09/2018 02:01 BST Degraded from 15/09/2018 02:00 BST
The North Highland College Up Up since 12/09/2018 12:33 BST Degraded from 12/09/2018 12:32 BST
West Highland College Up Up since 16/09/2018 12:32 BST Degraded from 16/09/2018 12:31 BST
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Note that the current and previous status can reflect both point-to-point availability and interruptions to Netsight's own monitoring.